Auto Body Repairs & Painting

Yes! We have Courtesy Cars (and Shuttle Service) Available.

Can Fastrack really match factory paint colours?
Yes! We use ICI brand environmentally friendly, water-borne paint and have a computerized colour matching and mixing facility.

Water base paint is a paint system that’s based on concentrated tints that are mixed with water-based binders. By going this route, we are using less solvents, reducing wastes, as well as the smell of solvents in the air. In addition, the volatile organic compound (VOC) content of water-based paints is significantly lower than conventional solvent-based paints, thereby reducing VOC emissions.

Fastrack Autobody provides auto body repair service for all car makes and models.

We provide for our customers:

  • Courtesy cars
  • Auto Collision Repairs
  • Full Frame Repairs
  • Uni-body Straightening
  • Wedge Clamp computerized frame measuring system
  • Aluminum Repair Station and welder
  • Factory-matched Auto Paint

If you have a private claim we can provide you an honest and accurate estimate.

Here’s some more important information:

ICBC Claims & Private Insurance
3 Steps To take After An Accident

ICBC Claims & Private Insurance

Bring in your ICBC claim
Our experienced staff will ensure your car is serviced to your satisfaction.

3 Steps you need to take after an acident

Here’s How You Can Get Your Car Fixed After an Accident

Step 1

Collect the right information
If you are involved in an accident, collect the following information to make a claim with an insurance provider:

  • Your vehicle’s license plate number
  • The driver’s license number of the person driving your vehicle
  • The license plate and driver’s license numbers of the other vehicle (s) involved
  • WHERE the crash happened
  • WHEN the crash happened

Step 2

Contact your insurance provider
Contact ICBC or your insurance agency to report the accident. If you are insured by ICBC you may report your claim via phone or online:

Report your Claim by Phone:
Call ICBC’s Dial-a-Claim centre – 24 hours a day, every day:
604-520-8222 in the Lower Mainland
1-800-910-4222 outside the Lower Mainland
1-800-910-4222 from out of province

Make a Claim Online:
Go to ICBC claims for details.

Step 3

Call Fastrack Autobody
To make your appointment or e-mail us at

If you have a Private Claim
If you have a private claim we can provide you an honest and accurate estimate.