Satisfaction Guarantee

Courtesy Car

We guarantee our work 100%

We guarantee the body and paint work completed by us for the lifetime of the car owned by the customer.

This guarantee is valid for the current registered owner and is non-transferrable. Coverage for damage caused by or resulting from unreasonable use, maintenance or care of the vehicle is excluded.

Every customer car is washed before delivery and satisfaction is guaranteed. We also provide car shuttle service for customers.


“Thanks again for all your help with this. The car looks great – Ben and the team were excellent in their customer service.”
Justin Choi (January 2013)

“Just wanted to shoot an email over and tell you that I’m very happy with everything you guys have done to help my car get back onto the road. After a walk-around of my car, I even noticed that my front passenger door was now flush when closed, compared to before from a previous accident. I’m very happy that my car turned out great. Thanks to everyone at Fast Track for all the hard work. I will definitely be coming back!”
Jonathan P. (September, 2012)

“I just want to thank you for the fabulous work you did on my baby, even on my way back people were taking their phones out to take pictures while i stopped at the light  :)

You guys are awesome at Fastrack! I already put your business card at our academy. I am sure a lot of our students will contact you for future projects, a few of them have super cars like Lambo and Ferrari.

Thanks again Andrew, you definitely have my business and recommendations in the future.”
Dennis L. (September, 2012)

“Thank you! Not only did you help me, in a pinch, 2 days before my Christmas holidays – you did a fabulous job when I came back in the New Year. The new mirror is great AND I was so surprised + pleased with the wash and interior clean !! :-) And, thanks Jonny for the exceptional customer service!”
Ginny N. (March 2011)

“Just wanted to say  Thank You! again for the paint job on my bumper. It turned out great, so smooth and shiny, almost too good cuz it’s the nicest part of my vehicle. It definitely makes me happier when I look at the front of my car! Great service, great price, great quality!”
Jason Cheong (2010)

“I just want to say thank you for the excellent service Fastrack provided in the bodywork done on my vehicle earlier this year. I will definitely recommend my friends about Fastrack in the future.”
Stan Ma (2010)

“Very satisfied with the work you guys did with the wing last time.  I’m looking for another quote. I have 2 dings that needs to be straightened.”
Richard, RCubed Designs (2010)

“You guys did such a great job that your paint looks better than factory”
Cindy Fong (2010)

“Excellent quality and reasonable price. I truly like this body shop. My kids like it too because they enjoyed riding in the courtesy car — the CUBE. I think Fastrack services us with their heart, that makes a big difference. I will recommend my friends go to this one. It is the best I have met in Richmond.”
Laura I. (December 2010)